Lyndsay McKay is a Visual Artist, living in

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Drawing from her experiences as a former nurse, Lyndsay's work has explored ways of transforming materials into a gestalt of viscerality, evocative of anatomical activity, pathogenic invasion and cellularity. Graduating with a BFA from Emily Carr University of Art + Design, Class of 2020, Lyndsay's work, titled “Biomorphic Landscapes”, became a pertinent focal point at a time of heavy uncertainty, with Covid-19 threatening the health and welfare of every day existence on a global scale. Lyndsay continues to investigate biological embodiment through concepts such as, empathetic isolation, cartographic biology (bio-mapping), human-environmental relationships and intrinsic, epistemic expansion. In her recent work, interstitial spaces become maze-like, cracks and other inherent qualities become tangible boundaries and are treated by the artist as exaggerated place-markers for ontological division - some to be objectified, others to hold the course for tentacular growth, and some to simply be managed as an imagined new entity. Materials become tools to redirect, invade, overcome or merge. There are hints toward cardiovascularity - internal systems of highways which carry the regard for vitality and for breath, a blurring of lines between resilience and fragility, a playful take that ponders all levels of scale and a perspective that showcases avenues of evolution. Keeping in mind certain rhizomatic interfaces of life and death, Lyndsay dives into the intersection of biology and architecture. Her work reimagines life on cellular and sub-cellular levels and maps the constantly evolving dependencies that exist between objects, bodies and environments.

To view Lyndsay's work and the 2020 virtual graduating exhibition of Emily Carr University of Art + Design, please visit: